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Do you need help creating an application or a website? Looking for someone to complete your team or are you just starting?


If you just need occasional changes and maintenance for an existing infrastructure, you have come to the right place.


Both academic and hands-on experience from participating on multiple projects can come handy to make sure that your system is well designed, optimised and secure.


A variety of skills at your disposal
No request is too small.
No challenge is too big.

Software has multiple qualities, some of which are often overlooked. It is natural to judge software at first by what it can do, how does it feel to use it, how fast it took to develop it and how much it costs.

But the nature of the overything around us it to evolve and it's the same with software. One simple change is soon followed by another and the software grows. Yet not every software can change smoothly and swifly. It takes skill to design and create systems which last and serve clients for years.

If you want solid foundations for your system and wise decisions that will make it a blast to use, do not hesitate a moment and use the contact information below.



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Archery scoring system
Rcherz is not only a huge archery social network, but is also used as management and live scoring system for the world’s largest competitions.
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Social network
BIRDZ, an large active social network, is about the same age as facebook.
It focuses primary on young people, which are attracted mostly by the vast discussion boads.
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Social event platform
Portwish is a fresh startup, aiming to provide real time information about social events happening around you.
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Property management
Have your annual energy bills ever looked suspicous to you?
Did you have any problems with the manager of your housing unit?
Are you facing execution?
Cirbi can help with all of it.
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Custom CMS
Vtedy.sk is a side portal of The News Agency of the Slovak Republic (TASR), but instead of current news, it publishes historical perspectives filled with unique photos from the archives of TASR.
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Weather forecasts
MeteoInfo is famous for it’s bold and successful long-time predictions. Over the year, it has also formed comunity of both loyal and passionate discussants, which spend multiple hours on the site every day, figuring out what awaits us tommorow.
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Booking system
What looks like simple booking system for a hair salon contains a rich and detailed administration and helps the owner to keep track of what’s happening, while he’s busy with other matters.
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BW Mirror

AI development API
A Starcraft API which allows everyone to build their own artificial intelligence to play the game against other AIs or even players. What started as a fun activity is now used in many research projects and is a core part of several AI tournaments.